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Bitcoin (BTC):bc1qrx2g5j8e5mr9mpudp2jngh53axppuhkq5dmagk (Native SegWit network, Bech-32)
Ethereum (ETH):0x0dc1b5d96b31025157dfdc70590ef1b341e5be09(Ethereum network, ERC-20)
USD Coin (USDC)0x0dc1b5d96b31025157dfdc70590ef1b341e5be09(Ethereum Network, ERC-20)
Cardano (ADA): DdzFFzCqrhseCz75j9dqeobCbPQoDGeM4ed8t9q8tqS4LwQ8y2crdtVKZNjBk1JhhPQKnZEcar9ELmeZA1LbBTsH8JNh3JmgQLD6r8PB(ADA network)
Doge Coin (DOGE)DQB85uvz9M7GmF7ogTKHCqadJGd7PH3rjg(DOGE network)
Solana (SOL):2acaiPnXDnSDpQutkx6Yezh19J5WvAUAgE35a7Z2q7iv(SOL network)
Polkadot (DOT)162rvwRLM2YJwM5JcSLa9k2Qs4kEoGukZm2UWV3bz1bRTwe9(DOT network)
XRP (XRP)rftxxgLqtugcS4qoWrTnkSYiGigGuvwA9o(XRP network)
BNB (BNB)0x0dc1b5d96b31025157dfdc70590ef1b341e5be09(BSC network)
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